E-Staff Portal

With our Personal Information Management Systems (PIMS) employees can update and maintain their personal as well as and bank details.Employees can view their personal particulars like address, children details, spouse details, bank account & education details, etc...

  • Employees can change their particulars online and submit for HR manager approval.
  • Once HR manager approve the Request, the details will link to our Payroll & HR system.
  • Leave Calender Detail
  • Holidays Detail
  • Waiting for Employee Request Details
  • Approved Employee Request Details
  • Rejected Employee Request Detail
  • Last 10 Day's Employee Schedule Detail
  • Next 10 Day's Employee Schedule Detail
  • Actually required as a result of effective time management. To make the judicious use of time, individuals should prepare a “TASK PLAN“ or a “TO DO“ List at the start of the day to jot down activities which need to be done in a particular day as per their importance and urgency.
  • Reduce time spent in intimation Admin or Supervisor Department
  • Suppores If the Employee missed to Thumb at Entering or Departuring or if Device not work properly he can apply that missed time in the time Request Page
  • Employees can apply leave online via browser from office / home.
  • Requesting leave is simple. Enter your start date, end date and leave type (annual, paid leave, unpaid leave etc) then based on your working week and public holidays, the required days/hours to take the leave will be Applied
  • View past leave history and current status of requests and leave requests
  • Employee Leave Surrender using Yearly CycleLeave for Bring forward balance check and how much days for surrender leave,Payout date, Employee can apply Request to Employeer
  • The Income Declaration Scheme provides an opportunity to persons who have paid not full taxes in the past to come forward and declare the undisclosed income and pay tax, surcharge and penalty totalling in all to 45% of such undisclosed income declared.
  • The advantage of the scheme is that once an assessee declares income under this, she will get immunity from penalty or prosecution proceedings under the Income-tax Act, 1961, and the Wealth-tax Act, 1957, related to such income.
  • The Feature Payroll offers a specific Feature Payslip which shows the complete breakdown of payment and deductions by the default headers set up giving the Employee a comprehensive breakdown of their pay for the pay period. Tax code, National Insurance number, Pay rate (annual or hourly), Additional payments, such as overtime or bonuses (these must be included in your gross pay figure).
  • Employee can view or download the payslip of past six months.
  • Gross pay. Your full pay before any tax or National Insurance has been taken off (the amount you take home is your net pay).
  • Mobile attendance is simple and elegant solution for attendance tracking.
  • You can track arrivals and departures of your employees directly from your Android smartphone, iphone or tablet at your workplace or on the go.
  • You can generate monthly reports directly from Our web application and see how many hours each employee worked..
  • Money that an employee spends on things such as food and travel while they are doing their job, which their employer then pays back to them
  • They can then submit an expense claim to be reviewed and approved by a user with the required user role.
  • Once approved, a claim must be authorised for payment. It's given a reporting date and payment date. It can then be fully or partially paid.
  • An expense claim is a collection of receipts from personal spending that needs to be reimbursed by the business.

Employers who offer empathy toward employees in need of financial assistance can boost employee loyalty and overall workplace engagement.

  • Money lent by an entity to another entity for specific purposes is known as Loan.
  • Loan is a kind of debit granted to employer by employee.
  • The loan could be of larger amount and could be of various types such as house loans, vehicle loans or education loans.
  • Finally appraisal will automatically update to the HR system & the recommendation like increment, bonus, etc... will auto link to payroll.

Salary Advance is a salary-based temporary overdraft facility which enables staff of private companies access some percentage of their net monthly salary in advance.

  • The service allows employee's to get cash, either through an ATM or other financial agency, up to a certain limit.
  • Some everyday examples of advance payments are prepaid cellphones, as they require payment for the services that will be used by the customer in the future. Advance payment of this nature is required, as the service will not otherwise be provided.
  • In the corporate world, companies often have to make advance payments to employees when their orders are large enough to be potentially burdensome to the producer, should the buyer decide to back out of the deal before salary.