Device Management

Biometric systems include applications making use of biometric technologies and which allow the automatic identification, verification or authentication of a natural person Works in online as well as offline mode (inbuilt storage).

  • Connect your device to your computer via a serial cable or TCP/IP.
  • Go to Device Menu and add a device.
  • Enter the name, device type, Serial number.
  • Select connection type.
  • Test Connection and hit OK.
  • Get the attendance System for Multi Locations for monitoring attendance of employees.
  • Organizations/ Enterprises with multi-location presence are facing a big challenge in maintaining attendance and payroll data of their employees.
  • We offer the concept of push data to solve this.
  • The Push Data Technology enables effective management of employees’ information..
  • It is easy for the organization having multiple branches to map the employees.
  • Single server for multiple locations.
  • No need to install any software the client location.
  • Datas can be view instantly in our software, when the employee makes the punching.
  • Low maintenance cost.
  • In this menu we can view the attendance of the employees who punched from the mobile attendance or from Punching devices.
  • Select the date an click on view button.
  • There you can see the details of employees with the punching time and punching location.