Our Vision

The vision of Kevit hisoft solution is to provide effective & efficient service through human reources management to public and private sectors organizations..

Our Mission

The mission of Kevit hisoft solution is should see ourselves as the edge of advance HR practices to making real difference in the success of our people.

Core Vision

Domain Leadership| Accountibility | Team Work | Ambition | Passion | Integrity | Extra Mile

Over the year

Jan 2016

Device Management System

Introduced New Software Products For Fixed Device Management System. Applications and the system use and process device events to take advantage of new resources when they become available and to prevent loss of data when existing resources become unavailable.

May 2016

Time Attendance System

Introduced New Software Products For Time Attendance System. Track your employees' contribution to the organization and leave management with great proficiency of Trickyhr mobile first Cloud HCM

Sep 2016

Leave Management System

Introduced New Software Products For Leave Management System. Employee leave management is no more a hassle. With Ascent leave manage your employee attendance and absence data without the chance of any human error or miscalculations.Its simplicity and varied functionality makes leave management easy for both the employee and the employer.

Feb 2017

Income Tax

Introduced New Software Products For Income Tax. Managing employee income tax and deductions & their annual income tax reports including or excluding tax saving schemes.

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Jun 2017

ESS portal

Introduced New Software Products For Fixed Employee self Service. ESS portal provide employees with access to their attendance, leave and personal records details 24x7.

Oct 2017

Payroll Management System

Introduced New Software Products For Fixed Payroll Management System. it is the most flexible and easy payroll management software available. Packed with the most robust features like income tax calculator, flexi reimbursements and expat grossing up tax, it surely is your perfect tool for fast payroll calculation and processing

Jan 2019

Exit management system

Introduced new software for exit management system & gratuity

Mar 2019

Android & IOS

Introduced new Mobile attendance Development Application for both Android & IOS

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